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In this blog you will find the following: my views on all sorts of issues an introduction to the Christian faith a whole lot of articles by different people on many topics various lists that I have compiled from a number of sources relating to my hobbies a few jokes I do hope you will … Continue reading

War and Peace – 1

We live in a world of much conflict due to power struggles, resources and pride.  They involve people from different countries, different people groups and different ideologies. Some are just within borders, others involve ‘players’ across nations or the world. The following list shows how widespread conflict is: Kashmir (India and Pakistan); Western China; Colombia; … Continue reading

Sex – 1

The issue of sexual harassment has been very much in the news recently.  It has created an opportunity for many people to air grievances and the media has lapped it up. Whilst I am appalled by some of the revelations coming out in the press, I am concerned that the issue is getting out of … Continue reading

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Human Rights – 2

‘A Christian social work student has been expelled from his course after voicing anti-gay marriage opinions on Facebook. Felix Ngole, 38, was a second-year masters student at Sheffield University when he shared a Facebook post saying “I stand with Kim Davis” – the American county clerk who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licences … Continue reading

Work – 3

Over the past couple of decades, work has changed irretrievably, mainly because of technology, and it is beginning to get to a stage that many jobs are being undertaken by robots or other forms of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  The question is what are we to make of this?  Should we allow Robots to take over our … Continue reading

Animals – 4

ANIMAL RIGHTS – PART 2 Is “Animal Rights” a Biblical Concern? SYNOPSIS During the past forty years, radical animal rights activists have elevated the value of animals to the moral equivalency of humans. They uncompromisingly insist that medical research on live animals, factory farming, and other practices that cause animals intense suffering and death should … Continue reading