Welcome to my blog!

In this blog you will find the following: my views on all sorts of issues an introduction to the Christian faith a whole lot of articles by different people on many topics various lists that I have compiled from a number of sources relating to my hobbies a few jokes I do hope you will … Continue reading

Discrimination – 3

Persecution of Christians Christians living in the UK are often not aware of the persecution of Christians around the world.  Most persecution happens in Muslim countries where Islam affects everything from the government to families and everything in-between.  For Christians, the issue is about who they serve, yet they are required to submit to their … Continue reading

Miscellaneous – 1

For society at large, the world is in a mess. There are so many wars of different types, getting more and more complex: South Sudan – new groups of armed militia are regularly created, splitting from the main groups, with many thousands killed, and many thousands becoming refugees; The Yemen – the constant indiscriminate bombing … Continue reading

Punishment – 3

Capital Punishment This is a long blog, so please persevere! The first point to make is that God made each one of us in His image, that is we are each a unique human being that exists to be relationship with each other and, most importantly with God Himself, made possible through Jesus Christ’s death … Continue reading

Corruption – 3

Following from my two previous blogs on this subject, I believe that shutting down tax havens and identifying the beneficial owners of all business would help in dealing with a good many of the major issues today: climate change – it would stop the biggest polluters from hiding from countries which wish to target them … Continue reading

Corruption – 2

Further to my previous blog on corruption, we come to the key to stopping most corruption and that is to close tax havens and thus obtain the missing taxes that are needed to finance infrastructure, especially in Africa.  Below, are key points to consider. Five things the UK government said it would do (but hasn’t) … Continue reading