Welcome to my blog!

In this blog you will find the following: my views on all sorts of issues an introduction to the Christian faith a whole lot of articles by different people on many topics various lists that I have compiled from a number of sources relating to my hobbies a few jokes I do hope you will … Continue reading

Transport – 1

An integrated transport system With over forty airports with scheduled flights, over two thousand railway stations, ninety shipping ports and twenty five coach stations as well as numerous other bus stations, we need an integrated transport system to encourage people to get out of their cars and improve the environment as well as reduce accidents … Continue reading

Media – 2

Post from a magazine called ‘Salon’ on the subject of biased reporting on terrorist attacks. ‘We mourn Manchester, but not Kabul: How biased coverage of terrorist attacks drives us apart On May 22, a suicide bombing was carried out in Manchester, England, killing 23 adults and children and injuring 116. On May 29, twin bombings … Continue reading

Language – 2

When one travels abroad, it is amazing how many people can understand basic English.  It is also amusing how badly some things are translated into English.  I expect the same happens when English is translated into another language – meanings get distorted.  This often leads to misunderstandings. As a country, we are quite good at encouraging … Continue reading

Policing – 3

Even though crime is becoming more sophisticated and on a larger scale, especially in the areas of drugs, human trafficking, money laundering and cybercrime, most crime is still small scale with the focus on theft being the main issue.  Though, we must not forget the increase in violence against the person, especially with regards to … Continue reading

Politics – 4

Christians in politics Back in the 1990’s, an organisation called ‘The Movement for Christian Democracy’ was born.  It was brought into being by three MPs, one from each of the main political parties.  It was an attempt to bring together all those who believed in the teachings of the Bible applied to political thought.  I … Continue reading