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In this blog you will find the following: my views on all sorts of issues an introduction to the Christian faith a whole lot of articles by different people on many topics various lists that I have compiled from a number of sources relating to my hobbies a few jokes I do hope you will … Continue reading

Politics – 7

Following on from last week’s long blog, I wish to offer a few comments regarding the statement ‘America is great!’ Whilst I have a number of great American friends, I just wonder about the various Administrations. For decades, there seems to be a given that the police can shoot to kill people, whether it is … Continue reading

Politics – 6

President Donald Trump has used the phrase ‘America is great’ so many times that people believe it, even evangelical Christians. But, the reality is different in many different ways. There is a lot of information below, which I will comment on in my next blog. The picture of gun violence by all sources in the … Continue reading

Environment – 5

Churches being environmentally friendly. Although we now have access to renewable energy, I wonder how many church buildings use it?  http://www.christian-ecology.org.uk/energy-in-churches.pdf   In most case, when it is used it will often mean a reduction in charges, as well as a reduction in giving off carbon dioxide.  One thing I wonder is, should we be thinking about … Continue reading

China – 1

I recently came across this interesting article on the subtle ways China is trying to take control of things – ‘Free-market ideologues believe that nations should never interfere in trade. But even if this is generally right, China is different. China’s authoritarian government is manipulating the world trading order. It is consciously building a military and a political … Continue reading

Food – 2

Provenance A lot of people will not have heard of the above word.  It basically means the item concerned has clear evidence that it is what it says its is.  For example, buyers of paintings will want to know if they are the genuine article, so they look for evidence through catalogues, letters, the painter’s … Continue reading

War and Peace – 5

As you can see from last week’s Post, all the major nations and lots of others have committed varying degrees of genocide.  The point of drawing your attention was to show that no nation can claim the moral high ground when it comes to the killing of people, especially non-military ones.  Although we have the International … Continue reading