Policing – 1

With the decrease in funding for the Police, I believe that a new approach should be taken towards the funding of the policing of football matches, especially those in the top two leagues.  My suggestion is that a dedicated ‘National Football Police Unit’ be set up, financed by the FA, the various footbal clubs and a certain proportion from the Home Office. This Unit would be composed of staff who are totally dedicated to this work and not to other crimes, though there will be occasions when co-operation is essential with other Forces.  The Football Intelligence Unit would become part of this team.  The staff would be Special Constables with limited arresting powers and who had a thorough understanding of the football culture. Each team would be led by fully-qualified and trained part-time police Inspectors.  The Unit itself would be headed up by a Chief Superintendant.  This would then release the current police forces to concentrate on local crime.  For I believe that criminals probably see the timing of football matches as ideal opportunities to commit criminal acts and get away with them.

Any thoughts?


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