The Gospel – 1

Matthew 24:14 – The Good News (Gospel) of the Kingdom

Whenever Christians talk about the Good News, they basically talk about the death and resurrection of Jesus and its meaning for the non-believer.  But, as you read the the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), you will see that Jesus sees it in a wider context.  In fact all His teaching is the Good News!  From His first sermon in the synagogue until He ascends to Heaven, He talks about relationships between humans and God and between humans themselves.  He also lets know how to see transformation in our homes, workplaces and society in general, and then through the community of Jesus-followers, showing how it is done corporately, to the world.

In the sixties, there was the renewal movement within the church, when we began to learn about freedom in worship, personal and corporate prayer, as well as spiritual gifts.  Then came the seventies and the small group movement took off.  As the eighties started, we were taking on board evangelism and church growth.  And finally, evangelicals recognised that there was a world out there which was hurting.  Hence, the social justice movement grew.  Since then, we are struggling to bring them all together, with groups focusing on several of the above themes, but not all of them.  Of course, there are exceptions, but we still find it difficult.



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