The Gospel – 3

You may notice that throughout the various themes in the pages on ‘The Gospel of the Kingdom of God’, I talk about not all Christians entering Heaven.

Throughout the New Testament, the phrases ‘The Kingdom of God/Heavens’ refer to Heaven itself.  And so when Jesus talks about entering Heaven, He often mentions the ‘sheep and the goats’, and the ‘wheat and the chaff’, and does this in the context of believers.   It is not, as some Christian writers assert, just about how good a life you lead, it is more on whether you are doing His will.  And this centres around loving God wholeheartedly, loving one another completely, loving others including your ‘enemies’, and loving yourself.  Jesus explains how to apply this through His teaching.

This viewpoint does not negate that becoming a Christian is by faith alone, it is more about when you become one and start the journey of faith.  hence, the importance of discipling people according to what is taught in the Bible.

We need to see discipling itself starts before one becomes a believer, for one needs to fully understand what it means to be a believer, otherwise many problems will service and maturity won’t happen easily and many will end up in Hell.

Such teaching also raises the importance of not just talking about God’s love, but also His justice – the consequences of not following Him.  For that is what Jesus taught, and taught often.


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