The Gospel – 4

Repentance – what does that mean to you?

When we look at society and the church, there is much wrong, all of which saddens God.  It probably, in fact, makes Him angry.  When one reads Jeremiah, God is very angry with the Jews, for they have gone down a road of idol worship and moral bankruptcy.  This leads to them being beaten in war and taken off into captivity.  There are many other occasions when this happens to them.

Idol worship is not just about worshipping ‘physical’ or ‘imaginary’ gods, it is also about who do you turn to in times of trouble, and where are your priorities in life.  Because of the easy availability of credit, the UK has been a society of debt.  As individuals we owe more than the debt of that of the Two-Thirds World!  The gap between the rich and the poor gets wider. Then, there is the obsession of 24/7 entertainment and lowering moral standards.  The list goes on.

But this list of woes is not just happening in society around us, it is also happening within the Church.  What can we do about it?  First, as individuals we need to recognise afresh that we are sinners, but at the same time, that God can forgive, if we repent as well as forgive others.  God calls us to be perfect, so that we can be salt and light to those around us.  We need to show that the Biblical version of loving God, each other in community, and others unconditionally as well as ourselves, works.

Secondly, we need to be serious about repentance, on a national scale, through going through a period of preparation and ending with a national day of repentance called by the leaders of all the churches in this country.  We also need for it to lead to ‘fruit’, especially in the relationships between church groups, and in our lifestyles, to make God first in our priorities and not to be ashamed of Him.

Will anyone hear?


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