Learning – 1

Education is very much in the news these days with talk about qualifications, funding, quality, teachers, etc, etc.  Over a number of blogs I would like to offer my thoughts on a major re-organising of learning from birth to death.

The National Curriculum was established to provide a national standard across the country.  Unfortunately, it does not give an integrated approach across the disciplines.  To do that, we need to see a focus on values and skills in understanding, enjoying and applying across disciplines in a number of areas, and not taught as separate subjects, but all in an integrated way, and seeing things from a global perspective:

Creative – the arts, literacy skills, culinary skills, fairtrade, thinking skills, etc;

Physical – the sciences, health, sport, physical geography, etc;

Spiritual – various faiths and their beliefs, worldviews, and how they affect our understanding and practices ie ethics, vocation, etc;

Social – relationships, community and issue involvement, human geography, world history, politics, etc;

Practical – do-it-yourself, empowering others, analytical skills, debating skills, mediation skills.

This would mean a new approach to training those who mentor students.  This includes how to develop students wholistically, how to not just teach but to engender enjoyment in the disciplines, how to instruct them to develop skills to a high standard and how to team mentor and instruct.

More next time.


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