Serve – 3

In my previous blog (Serve – 2), we began talking about developing a framework to live out an integrated faith.  I would like to, in the next few blogs, give you a personal example how this can work out in practice.  Please note, that I am not doing all the actions at once; that is clearly impossible (especially as I am not well).  But, God calls me to a ‘season’ to focus on particular areas at one time.  I also target certain issues that are likely to make the biggest impact either on my life or on others.  For example, by working on the issue of water and sanitation, one can improve the lives of many people in a number of areas, such as:

–      Health (clean water and therefore less diseases);

–      Education (less time spent collecting water means time to go to school);

–      Food Security (water available on a regular basis provides sustainability in crop production and animal husbandry);

–      Sanitation (it becomes safer to go the toilet).

I hope you find it helpful.  Any comments are welcome.



Focus – Know my Lord and Saviour.

Purpose – To grow in my passion for, and relationship with Jesus, living out an authentic lifestyle based on the Scriptures, thus being an ambassador for Him.


–      To spend daily times with Him;

–      To study the Scriptures by myself and with others to know more about Him.


–      Ongoing.


Focus – Intercessory Prayer.

Purpose – To set up a ‘prayer directory’ of people, organisations, places and issues (POPI) to pray for in a supernatural and targeted way.


–      To set up a ‘prayer directory’, organised around the themes of POPI;

–      To obtain a list of the people who work for the organisations I support;

–      To study the Scriptures to understand how to supernatural pray into these situations above.


–      ‘Prayer directory’ set up;

–      Obtained lists of people who work for the organisations I support;

–      Bible study on supernatural intercessory prayer not yet started.


Focus – Reaching Imams.

Purpose – To encourage the understanding by Muslims of what Christianity is really all about through teaching by governments of Imams and to encourage them to foster peaceful co-existence between both peoples, especially in dealing with disputes.


– To understand the Quran’s view of those who follow other beliefs;

– To write to Muslim governments to persuade them to undertake such a programme, especially the Government of Pakistan.

Result – Not yet started.


Focus – Promoting Freedom of Religion in Muslim Contexts.

Purpose– To help Muslim governments, especially that of the Maldives, understand the importance that allowing its people to have the freedom to change their beliefs and being able to practice them, without a fear of intimidation or persecution, is of benefit to that country.

Action– To gain an understanding of an Islamic view of human rights, as well as what the Bible says about it, to see if there is a common understanding and a way forward.

Result – Not yet started, but I do have a thesis on the subject by an ex-Muslim government minister.

Action – To encourage the Maldivian authorities to lift the sanctions against the Maldivian Christians.  Many e-mails and letters have been written.

Result – A true picture has been difficult to obtain, more so now that an unelected government is in power. Conditions for Maldivian Christians is still very difficult.


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