Serve – 5


Focus – The Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Purpose – To create a document that, in an easily-understood format, explains all aspects of the Gospel, that will prove to be effective, for both pre-Christians and Christians, in helping them become mature reproducing followers of Jesus.


–      Write draft version of the document;

–      Send version to pre-Christians and Christians for comments on content, layout and whether easy to understand;

–      To take into account the above and produce it in a professional format;

–      Send it to a number of individuals, churches, organisations and Christian media, to encourage them to use it and distribute accordingly.


–      Draft completed and sent out for comments;

–      Requested replies by the end of November 2012.


Focus – The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ.

Purpose – To be able to explain why Jesus is unique and why it matters.

Action – To study the Bible on what it has to say about the issue and read up on arguments for and against by many writers in and out of the Church.

Result – Not yet started.


Focus – The promotion of reaching people groups with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God by the whole Church.

Purpose – To help people see that there needs to be different strategies for different groups for them to become disciples of Jesus and thus speed up the time when He will return to take us home.

Action – Yet to be decided.

Result – Have read a number of articles. Know that the Lausanne Movement promotes the concept.


Focus – Soteriology.

Purpose – To understand the biblical theme of salvation.

Action – To study the New Testament as well as books on the subject by many authors.

Result – Have started, included some material in my booklet on the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom of God’.  Ongoing.


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