Environment – 1

With the issue of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment having reached a stalemate on the world stage, it is time for drastic action.  A key supplier of carbon dioxide comes in the form of transport, whether it be cars, buses, or areoplanes, as well as from dwellings, such as houses, factories, buildingss and offices.  One way to improve things is to set a challenge to the manufacturers of vehicles, house builders as well as the oil companies, to come up with a plan to develop energy systems which will result in zero carbon dioxide emissions, within five years.  As an encouragement, the government is to provide finance for research and initial manufacture.  If this challenge is not met, then the government is to ‘fine’ the organisations, through a ‘tax’ and also through losing the licence to carry out their business.

With regard to current buildings and transport, the manufacturers would also need to design adaptions which would be sold to businesses and the public at a discounted rate (through a government subsidy).  Businesses and the public would have two years to put these adaptions into use, so that within seven years, there should be no forms of transport or buildings emitting carbon dioxide (with a few exceptions).

Another way is to encourage all financial institutions to only lend money to businesses that meet certain environmental and sustainability criteria, and this would also include investing on behalf on clients.  If there is not much movement by financial institutions in this matter, then legislation would be necessary.  It would also important to encourage the rest of the European Union to do the same, so that institutions don’t simply move countries.  This requirement would apply to any business that does operate in the UK.


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