Driving – 2

Driving is a skill not to be taken lightly.  Part of it is to follow the basic rules and laws of the road, which are there to make driving safe.  Christians, as well, as others could do well to take this on board.  Apart from alcohol, drugs and other substances causing deaths and accidents, it is often the simple fact that drivers become too relaxed, especially those who have been driving a while.  In particular, there is one bad habit that is quite common and that is the use of only one hand in driving.  People tend to forget that one’s reaction is often not quick enough to avoid an accident, especially when only using one hand, and the unexpectant happens.  This also applies to people who eat, drink, smoke or use a mobile while driving.  In the case of using mobile phones, it is actually illegal in the UK.  May I encourage, in particular Christians, to take driving seriously, for even Jesus is interested in how you drive as an example of good behaviour, and a witness to others.  Just think what Jesus would say if He was a passenger in your vehicle!


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