Homosexuality -1

When anyone talks about ‘homosexuality’, it always seems to raise the temperature of a conversation, either for or against the subject, which is sad. Such an approach does not achieve anything. Part of the problem is that both sides thinks the other is completely wrong and is not prepared to listen to the other person. Whereas before, it was very difficult to be a homosexual, it is now very difficult to say homosexuality is wrong.

It is reckoned only a small percentage of the UK population would consider themselves as homosexual (I also include lesbians). We have had homosexuals around since early history, but why do we have homosexuality? All humans have both male and female chromosomes and occasionally there are more chromosomes of one type than one would normally find and that can lead to being influenced by various factors that create a situation where someone is attracted to the opposite sex. Sometimes, it can be because of a lack of ‘role models’ within the family and/or community. Other times, it can be because of ‘bad’ experiences with members of the opposite sex and ‘good’ experiences with those who are the same sex. Or it could be a host of other reasons. There is no ‘homosexual’ gene, despite what people claim – science says so.

For Christians, those who take the Bible seriously, homosexuality is a sin. But, so is pride, swearing, lack of love, lack of mercy, lying, stealing, murder and a whole host of small and big ‘sins’. In God’s eyes a sin is a sin is a sin. So, therefore Christians should approach all people in an attitude of love, earning the ‘right’ to share a ‘better way’ for that person, whatever ‘sin’ they may have committed, for God is a God of forgiveness. And even if the homosexual rejects the teaching of Jesus, we should still love that person. Some people who are homosexuals will become a Christian but still feel that they are homosexual, yet as a result will need to become celibate.

Also, it is interesting that the word ‘homophobia’ literally means a ‘fear of men’ – not a fear of homosexuals!

So let us spend more time listening to each other!