Abortion – 2

A key issue in the abortion debate is when does one become a person. Views vary from conception to when one becomes an adult.

To me a ‘person’ is simply a living individual. To talk about whether it has functioning body parts is missing the point. An adult with a disability, whether born with it or because of an accident, is still a ‘person’, however ‘complete’ one may be. If we really dig deep into the health of everyone, we are all ‘disabled’ in one form or another. It may be just a small thing, like a slightly crooked toe, or a mole on one’s hand, they are ‘blemishes’ that make us imperfect. We may even not be any good at mathematics and thus get in a mess with our money – that is in a way a disability.

So, we need to look at conception, when an egg and a sperm join together as a ‘new’ person. For such a person, even at that stage, contains chromosomes that are developing as someone with their own characteristics, talents and individuality. At all stages of life we develop, even at old age! So, to say that the person ‘growing’ inside a human is a mere foetus that can be easily discarded is very sad and says a lot about the person who believes such things. That person obviously does not hold a high opinion of life, does not see the beauty in everyone, nor the potentiality and impact that each individual has to make this world a better place!

Every life is special.


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