Islam – 1

Sharia Law

Sharia Law was introduced after the Qur’an was published, and therefore it is not the final authority in Islamic law, yet it is treated as much.  Yet, within Sharia Law, there are five schools of thought regarding the interpretation of the Law and therefore its application.  It all depends also on whether the interpretation comes from Sunnis or Shiites, and then within those two main groups there are variations as to high strict the interpretation is and whether it is to the benefit of a country to twist it when it deals with the western world.

I therefore would contend that Muslims, especially their leaders should turn to the Qur’an only for their ‘rules’ and not the Sharia as this is very much made up by men who interpret the Qur’an in many different ways.  We must remember a lot of Sunnis cannot stand the Shiites and vice versa, so they are often trying to outdo each other as to high strict they can make it.  Hence, the rise of the Islamic State, Taliban and others.

If they did just rely on the Qur’an, I am sure we would not get so much of the extremism in certain sections of the Islamic community.  Yet, some of the Qur’an does not bode well for Christians, hence most persecution comes from Muslim countries, despite many of them having signed UN human rights covenants and their constitutions have enshrined freedom of religion which includes freedom to change religion.

Despite that, Christians are still called to love their persecutors and tell them about the Good News of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

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Punishment – 2

Death Penalty – Country
 China 2,000+
 Iran 977+
 Pakistan 326
 Saudi Arabia 158+
 United States 28
 Iraq 26+
 Somalia 25+
 Egypt 22+
 Indonesia 14
 Chad 10
 Yemen 8+
 Taiwan 6
 Sudan 5+
 Bangladesh 4
 Singapore 4
 Japan 3
 Sudan 3
 Jordan 2
 Oman 2
 Afghanistan 1
 India 1
 United Arab Emirates 1
 Malaysia Unknown
 North Korea Unknown
 Vietnam Unknown

Capital Punishment is wrong for a number of reasons:

– it is inhuman

– it is discriminatory

– often follows an unfair trial

– many are wrongly murdered

– who gives the right to someone to take the murderer’s life?

– there is no evidence that it deters crime

– for those who are Christians, if you believe in the death penalty, then you need to apply it to the following

  • children who disobey their parents
  • Whoever curses his father or his mother shall be put to death
  • Whoever strikes his father or his mother shall be put to death
  • Whoever lies with an animal shall be put to death
  • If you work on the Sabbath, you must be put to death, etc, etc

Jesus came to fulfil the Law by dying on the Cross for all our sins.

Most countries have now abolished the Death Penalty.

Methods of Capital Punishment:

  • Hanging
  • Firing Squad
  • Beheading
  • Lethal Injection
  • Electrocution
  • Gas Chamber
  • Stoning

Driving – 3

Drivers today do not take road usage seriously enough.  I suggest the following to improve things:

– Driving lessons should only be taken when someone is at least 18.

– When one passes a driving test, based on theory and practical skills, they remain on a ‘beginner’ status until they are 25, when they take another simple test to check their awareness, sight and parking skills. If they pass that, they then get a standard driving licence.

– After that, drivers are to be tested again thoroughly every ten years from when they get their standard driving licence.

– When a driver reaches 65, they need to be tested every five years, particular in terms of their reactions and awareness skills.

– All drivers need to pass a basic maintenance course on looking after their car.

– All drivers must have comprehensive insurance and prove they have by sending a copy to the DVLA each year.