Bible – 1

The Bible is one of the biggest selling books, yet, in the West, one of the least read ones.  Why?  I think there are a number of reasons:

  • it is a library of ‘books’ with a huge variety of styles;
  • it is a book exploring the ‘progressive revelation’ of the way that God unveils Himself and His Kingdom lifestyle, which is not easy to understand;
  • because the meaning of words change over time, translations do not always make sense, especially when it comes to theological terms used in the Scriptures;
  • also, Scripture is not always translated according to the context of the rest of Scripture (eg the word ‘eternal life’ means a ‘fulfilled life’ in some contexts);
  • many people do not believe in ‘absolutes’ and so find many of its teachings difficult to understand in the context of today’s society;
  • most Christians do not see that the Bible has something to say about every aspect of life and not just the so-called ‘spiritual’ aspect of life on Sundays, and thus it leads to them not being distinctive from everyone else.

Yet, as the Scriptures are translated into the many thousands of languages in places like Africa, South America and Asia, the people get really excited and begin to understand the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Some statistics:

Languages with the complete Bible – 636

Languages with the New Testament – 1442

Languages with portions of the Bible – 1445

Languages with no portions of the Bible – 4200 (over 60% have translation projects)

Personally, I study the Scriptures through focussing on the various themes found throughout the Bible.  That way one is using passages from many parts of the Bible and getting the bigger picture.  The more one studies and then applies the Scriptures, the stronger one’s faith becomes and the more effective one is in living out the Christian life and making a difference in the world, a better place for you and others.

Hence, the reason I created the ‘Biblical Gospel of the Kingdom of God’ document as found on this website.  It is an attempt to bring the various themes in the Bible together and apply them to all aspects of life.  It is hoped that people will see that one does not just become a Christian and that is it; one becomes part of the Church seeking to make an impact on this world to help restore it to the way God intended it from the beginning.

So, I encourage you to study the Scriptures with others and then seek to apply the lessons learnt in one’s life and as a group.


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