Transport – 2


What is with railway operators and train manufacturers?

Do they think every passenger is tiny and can be squeezed into a tiny space?

  • We need wide seats with plenty of leg room so that each journey is comfortable, and designed that those sitting in window seats can get out easily.  (Window seats to actually have a full window to look out of, with curtains to cut out any bright sunshine. With regard to air conditioning, windows should so designed so that they keep the cold out and excess heat out, so that it can keep temperatures at a steady rate along with a good air circulation system.) And seats that support your back and are comfortable to sit on and pleasing to the eye.
  • The aisles need to wide enough so it is easy to pass people standing and wheelchairs to pass along. But we also need trains which are smooth as they go along the rails so it is easy to write or drink, with tables that do not look cheap.
  • And what about more staff on the train to be able ask for information and have one’s ticket checked.
  • Then, there are the toilet facilities which are often filthy because there are not enough of them and they do not self-clean.
  • With regard to refreshments on journeys of over an hour, it would be good to have a more healthy selection of food and drinks, including sandwiches which actually taste nice.
  • And most important of all, there should be enough trains so that every passenger can have a seat for the whole journey.  As part of this, train carriages need to be better built to cope with such things as bad weather, ‘leaves on the line’ and other things which cause problems, like badly maintained signalling.  Maintenance needs to happen more regularly.  It would be good if electric trains are cantilever-less so they can use non-overhead lines and not be stopped because the overhead line has been blown down.
  • Each train needs to be designed so that the walking area is the same level as the station platform so it is safer to get in and out of a train.  It will also be easier for those in wheelchairs to access the train without the need for ramps.
  • Every seat should have plenty of room for luggage behind it and in overhead in spaces which are like those found on airlines, along with grab rails.
  • Facilities should be made available for braille along the seats so blind people can find their reserved seats as well as other areas.  For deaf passengers, as well as other passengers, electronic information should be made available in the ceiling at more intervals so it is easy to see without a telescope.

I am sure that there are other suggestions one can make to make each railway journey an enjoyable one.

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