Creation and Evolution – 1

There is often a lot of talk as to whether Creation should be taught in schools as a lot people consider it just a ‘belief’ and not ‘scientific’. The problem is that the alternative ‘evolution’ is just a theory and is not based on ‘facts’ that stand up to scrutiny. But, it is not as simple as that.

With regard to evolution, each species can be shown, scientifically, to have evolved over time, sometimes due to cross-breeding. Take some Asian peoples for example. As many of them have lived on basically a vegetarian diet, with very little or no meat, their average height is a lot less than that of say people from western Europe. Yet, since the last century, many have started eating meat and thus their average height has risen by a few inches.

It could be said that we evolve from one species, because we have a number of similar DNA’s, but that is like saying that I am the same as a piece of metal. We were all uniquely made as an original ‘species’. Now as to whether God made Creation in six days or over a longer period is not the point, even though as God, He could have made it all in a split second. The important issue is our concept of who is God. Do we believe He exists and if so, can He create each amazing plant, animal, bird and human with all its finely-balanced and complex composition, all of which is beyond our complete comprehension?

One final point to make about the issue of Science and Belief is that a good number of scientists have a religious faith and most of them see no difficulties in combining the two. So let’s get over the issue and be able to discuss all the issues openly and in a spirit of love. This applies to Christians and Atheists, and all those in-between!