Lifestyle – 1

Here is a conundrum.   If we are to live a simple lifestyle, this would involve only buying things that we really need to function – food, clothing, housing, furniture and a few other things.  Therefore that restricts our buying habits.  Also, we should be encouraging the repair and re-using of the products we use, to decrease the ever-increasing use of natural resources.  To decrease the need to transport goods, we should be buying locally, especially our ethically-sourced food.  We then know where it comes from and how it is grown.

All this has implications for jobs in this country as well as overseas, especially in Africa and Asia, from which we import a lot of things.  So, how do overcome this issue?  There needs to be a discussion as to what industries we really need; are they ethical and are they sustainable; and what appropriate training is required?  Do we really need all the ‘stuff’ we buy?  Do we need ‘national’ businesses or can we survive on local industries?  Yet, we also need to encourage the creative industries, or do we in terms of employment?  What about the healthcare, energy and technology worlds?  How much technology do we really need?  Is our financial system ‘fit for purpose’?

Life is getting more and more complicated and expensive.  We are ruining the world through over -production and continual increase in the use of natural resources.  Then there is an information overload.  And, of course, the ever-increasing disasters happening around the world.  Climate change and greed affects our effectiveness in sharing our riches with the rest of the world in a meaningful way.

I would love to hear people’s ideas on the subject.