Personal – 1

I have produced a document on the buying and selling of arms with the purpose of reducing the ‘market’ for them yet also making sure that suitable equipment is available to nations in order that they can ‘defend’ themselves’ as well as support ‘peacekeeping missions’ to prevent things like genocide and to keeping warring sides apart whilst protecting civilians.  This was sent to various people including EU Commissioners.  I had no response.

I also drew up a document on the environment, covering a whole host of issues, to be used by business and those investing in them to help make sure that we do not destroy the planet.  This was sent to various banks and pension funds.  I had several non-committal responses.

I have been trying to get the various pro-life charities and others to become more pro-active in changing the Abortion Act, but there has been either no response or a negative reaction.

Now all these things have either a direct or indirect effect on most areas of life, and yet people do not seem to want to listen to those who are not well-connected or are media-savvy ie the ordinary person in the street.

One of the key factors is the influence of the media.  But how do you change their perceptions of life, especially if they happen to involve a Christian perspective based on the Bible?  One way is to persuade Christians to write objective and positive articles to the various national and local newspapers and television stations.  If many thousands of us  did so, and there was a noticeable reasonable consensus on issues that affect people, then even politicians and political parties might even take notice.

For that to happen, leaders of churches need to find ways to encourage Christians to develop a biblical worldview and how to apply it to the issues of the day as well those ignored by the media.   And for those leaders who feel not ‘trained’ in this, they need to ask theological colleges and denominational leadership to make such training possible.  Notice I say ‘training’ and not ‘teaching’.  It is no good just simply teaching something unless one knows that the individual can articulate that teaching and that is where training comes in through coaching and mentoring.

This is all part of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God – seeking to see people repent and develop a relationship with Jesus and then bringing Kingdom values to the world to re-connect it to God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, based on the teachings found in the Bible.  Jesus as Saviour and Lord.

Will you take up the challenge?