The Monarchy – 1

I admire all that the Queen has done for this nation over the many years on being on the throne.  It is amazing that she is still able to do all she does at her age!

But, do we really need a monarchy?  Alright she is good for tourism, but then we are treating the royal family like something at a zoo, to be stared at.

To me, it is perpetuating the ‘class’ system in this country; it means we give a lot of taxpayers’ money for their upkeep, especially with their many huge houses (which they do not need) and the large stable of horses and cars; the pomp and ceremony is not a very efficient way of doing things (it drags things out); and the Queen has to endorse Government policy whether she agrees with it or not – so why bother with Royal Assent?  Then there is the succession thing – what makes a member of the royal family suitable to be a monarch, especially when someone like Prince Charles does not want the job and the in-breeding often causes problems, like it did in the nineteenth century?  It would also allow the members of the Royal Family to easily marry someone from any ‘class’ for love, instead of duty or pressure, and lead a normal life.  I would suggest that the Queen and Prince Philip retire to Sandringham and the other properties are sold off, with some of the land used for social housing.  The rest of the royal family would then go into a ‘normal’ house and get a job to earn their keep.  When the Queen and Philip die, Sandringham should become a National Trust property and a museum.

Instead of a monarchy, we should have a republican form of democracy. I also think we should get rid of the House of Lords and all the various titles that go with it.  That should involve making things like lifetime peerages immediately non-existent. That also would save the taxpayers a lot of money and concentrate power in a new ‘Peoples’ Parliament’.

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