Blasphemy – 2

Blasphemy and Christianity In Christianity, blasphemy only centres on God.  It is interesting that Jesus Christ is used as a swear word, yet no personage from other religions is used in the same way. The following article will help clarify what the Bible, our Holy Book, says about blasphemy. ‘Definition. In English “blasphemy” denotes any … Continue reading

Blasphemy – 1

Blasphemy in Islam Over the past decade or so, there has been much violence in both Muslim-majority and Muslin-minority countries over the issue of blasphemy, particular over insulting their founder Mohammad and disrespect of the Quran, their holy book.  In Muslim-majority countries (like Pakistan and Indonesia) blasphemy laws are used as an excuse to target … Continue reading

Environment – 4

With the changeable weather likely to continue and therefore disruptions will become more frequent, I believe that there are a number of things we can do to lessen the problems caused by them: Electricity pylons – all cables to be laid underground, with secure but easy access for engineers Railways – all trains to be … Continue reading

Business – 3

Provenance With our ever increasing demands on the ethics and sustainability of products, both food and non-food, we are becoming more and more concerned with their supply chains.  Unfortunately, in today’s world, it is quite difficult to identify who makes what and where.  Take a food product with many ingredients like a ready meal.  Each … Continue reading

Discrimination – 3

Persecution of Christians Christians living in the UK are often not aware of the persecution of Christians around the world.  Most persecution happens in Muslim countries where Islam affects everything from the government to families and everything in-between.  For Christians, the issue is about who they serve, yet they are required to submit to their … Continue reading

Miscellaneous – 1

For society at large, the world is in a mess. There are so many wars of different types, getting more and more complex: South Sudan – new groups of armed militia are regularly created, splitting from the main groups, with many thousands killed, and many thousands becoming refugees; The Yemen – the constant indiscriminate bombing … Continue reading