Charities – 2

I do not know if it is just me, but the websites of charities and other non-governmental organisations (NGO). are very confusing to navigate. For example, the various headings on the front page of a website should be clear as to indicate where one can find information.  An illustration of this is finding the full … Continue reading

Nominalism – 1

Throughout the world, many thousands of Christian communities, involving many millions of people, are being persecuted in varying degrees, from not being allowed to follow their consciences in not carrying out abortions, to torture and imprisonment for holding a Bible study in their home, and to beheadings for simply being a Christian.  Despite many groups being … Continue reading

Immigration – 2

Immigration in the United Kingdom has been a ‘hot’ topic among a large majority of the British population, especially because of the referendum on whether to leave the European Union which took place in June 2016.  The problem has been and still is, that we have not looked at the facts nor realised that often … Continue reading

Transport – 2

Trains What is with railway operators and train manufacturers? Do they think every passenger is tiny and can be squeezed into a tiny space? We need wide seats with plenty of leg room so that each journey is comfortable, and designed that those sitting in window seats can get out easily.  (Window seats to actually … Continue reading

Conservation – 1

National Trust and English Heritage National Trust – ‘The preservation for the benefit of the Nation of lands and tenements  (including buildings) of beauty or historic interest and, as regards lands, for the preservation of their natural aspect, features and animal and plant life. Also the preservation of furniture, pictures and chattels of any … Continue reading

Transport – 1

An integrated transport system With over forty airports with scheduled flights, over two thousand railway stations, ninety shipping ports and twenty five coach stations as well as numerous other bus stations, we need an integrated transport system to encourage people to get out of their cars and improve the environment as well as reduce accidents … Continue reading