War and Peace – 4

Recognising past crimes against humanity We are faced today with a catalogue of war crimes being committed by a number of countries, including Syria, Chad, Libya, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, The Yemen, and a few others.  But, what is not remembered are those war crimes that have occurred over the past one … Continue reading

Gospel – 7

Jesus as Lord and Saviour Although I have written about this topic, I wish to look at it from a slightly different perspective. Let us look at some verses from the Bible 2 Peter 3:18 But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and … … But grow in grace, and in the … Continue reading

Women – 1

The issue of women’s equality has been much in the news over the years. In the issue of pay, I just do not understand why, if a woman is doing an equivalent job, why they are not paid accordingly?  The Government is now getting firms to declare whether this happening or not.  But, as usual, … Continue reading

Addictions – 03

Alcohol Please also see Addictions – 1 (with regard to drink driving) Alcohol, as we know comes in many forms – beers, whiskey, wine, gin and a number of other forms.  We now have a huge choice in the varieties available from all over the world.  Having a glass of wine with a meal is … Continue reading

Politics – 5

Russia As a country, it is full of contradictions.  One sees the growth of private industry and an openness to tourism.  It hosts international sports events.  Yet corruption is rife and the country has a good number of oligarchs, who are very, very rich.  It is very difficult to speak out against President Putin or … Continue reading

Business – 4

What types of business model should we have in today’s society? With multi-nationals getting bigger and bigger such that they have much power and influence over Governments with regards to employment and tax incentives, it is about time that we had another look at what models of business are best for everyone, not just the … Continue reading