Marriage – 3

Ideally, a marriage should be a lifetime relationship, through ups and downs, working through problems.  It is also about getting priorities right – a marriage comes before a job.  This may mean living a very simple life, not worrying about what others think. But, not all marriages are stable, and hence a divorce takes place.  … Continue reading

War and Peace – 3

In my last blog, I talked about the issue of militarism being rampant in this world, thus leading to the concept of ‘kill first and ask questions later’. To stop this being an issue, we need to control the arms that are used.  We already have agreements on chemical and biological weapons, along with ones … Continue reading

War and Peace – 2

Following on from my last Blog, there are a number of other things we need to consider, especially in relation to preventing war and if it does get to war, conduct during and after war.  I will focus on the first in this Blog. Apart from living a simple lifestyle, we need to tackle the … Continue reading

War and Peace – 1

We live in a world of much conflict due to power struggles, resources and pride.  They involve people from different countries, different people groups and different ideologies. Some are just within borders, others involve ‘players’ across nations or the world. The following list shows how widespread conflict is: Kashmir (India and Pakistan); Western China; Colombia; … Continue reading