Worship – 3

With churches using electronic musical instruments, video and other technology on an increasing scale, have we ever considered the impact this has on the environment?

We talk about trying to decrease greenhouse gases, but churches often, inadvertently, are part of the problem. Especially as we are using electricity on an ever-increasing scale, and often getting it from non-green sources.

I believe we need to do several things – one is to use only green electricity and two, find ways of reducing the amount of energy we use for worship. Worship is about focusing on God, not the worship team. Also, there are many creative ways of worshipping which do not use electricity.

There is also another aspect and that is the cost of using so many ‘electronic gadgets’ that which should be a simple affair, becomes expensive. We should be thinking about how we are using our money to see every people group holistically discipled in our lifetime so that Jesus will come back sooner than later (Matthew 24:14). Worship is crucial to this, as a foundation from which we disciple, but are we making it too complicated and sophisticated?


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